A visual safari for the eyes and soul, that is the photographic work of Russell Cody and his magnificent photography business and showcase. He is a Southern California-based wildlife and nature photographer who works primarily in western parts of the United States including Alaska. His photography covers all kinds of animals, landscapes, and nature from many of our beautiful National Parks and other beautiful places this world has to offer. 

He has also been lucky enough to visit Canada: including, British Columbia, Alberta, and Yukon, several times on his way up to breathtaking Alaska. Recently, in 2014, Russell drove up from San Diego to Alaska.  It was an incredible 1-month trip covering 10,000 miles!  An amazing and unbelievable journey that Russell recommends to everyone. 

Alaska is not just a once in a lifetime trip, for Russell keeps going back. “It somehow recharged our batteries.  Our last trip up north was our fourth trip and counting.  There are amazing sights, wildlife, Glaciers, and landscape to behold for several lifetimes.”

Russell considers himself lucky enough to have spotted and photographed an amazing variety of wildlife in all its splendor and beauty. Among his finds: many Black Bears, Brown Bears, Grizzly Bears,

Wolves, Moose, Elk, Bison, Big Horn Sheep, Trumpeter Swans, and Bald Eagles, and other equally exquisite nature superstars along the way.

He has also visited Yellowstone National Park on numerous occasions.  “This is a must visit, for it is the very first National Park created for our enjoyment.  They hit a home run as this park offers the most of any park you will ever visit.  The landscapes, geothermal activity, and wildlife offer so much to see and behold.  You need to spend at least a week in the park to experience what this amazing park has to offer.”

Russell started getting serious about Photography in 2008, marking his landmark initial visit to Alaska.  “Alaska with her beautiful wildlife and landscapes holds a special place in my heart.  My passion is wildlife photography and I have made a goal to visit all of our National Parks.

In traveling to these many beautiful places, Russell wanted to share his experiences and photos with everyone as he traveled. In late 2014, he started sharing his photos on both Cody’s Travel photography site and now russell-cody.artistwebsites.com and Insta-gram. 

Russell has found that timing, patience and a lot of luck goes into seeing the beautiful things he has been privileged to see. “Sometimes you may need to wait, and wait, and wait some more for something special to happen and then capture it.  And sometimes you get lucky and it pops up right in front of you.  Our job is to be ready when these amazing things happen.”

“We are Nikon shooters and we love it.  We travel around in a Sportsmobile, our 4x4 Van motor-home known as ‘the Beast.’”

Russell Cody's natural photography enthusiasm comes through in everything he does and all that he visually captures for everyone to see, encounter, enjoy and appreciate. His love and passion for traveling and photography is contagious.

“I love photography.  It allows me to better appreciate and share the wonderful things I see and experience.  I'm happiest when on the road heading towards the next beautiful place.”


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